Aquaculture Solar and Pumping System - Capel

Local marron farmers, Capel Marron Farm had an enormous energy bill from their old 3 phase pumps used to deliver water from the Capel river to the farm’s marron ponds.

Essential to the survival of their marron and their business, the spiralling energy bills caused by these pumps connected to the grid were eating away at their profits.
Statewide Power designed, supplied and installed a solar powered pumping system that would ensure the future of tasty marron from Capel and dramatically eliminate their obscene power bills.


We supplied 2 x 22kw centrifugal pumps that were efficient, reliable and could be powered from the 100kw (circa) ground mounted, Trina solar system that could easily deliver the 200 kilolitres/hour demands of the new pumps.

– Statewide Power

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