Off-Grid Solar Calculator

Determine your solar energy potential.

Our powerful tool enables you to estimate your potential energy generation based on your current energy consumption. You'll get insights into the amount of energy a new solar system could help you generate — illuminating potential reductions in your electricity usage over time.

Adopting a solar system solution ensures that your dependence on outdated fossil fuels lessens. It gives you the power to decrease your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. By choosing solar, you’re endorsing a sustainable future, simultaneously benefiting from long-term energy credits.

At Statewide Power, our mission is to equip you with the tools to lower your energy consumption and invest in a sustainable future.

Calculate your off-grid solar energy potential

What state do you live in?
Round trip system efficiency (%)
Round-trip efficiency tells us the percentage of electricity that storage technologies, like batteries, can save and then successfully release for use later on. If you don't have a specific energy storage technology in place, you can use 80% as a typical value for this measure.
Add your appliances below (Fill in appliance, quantity and daily running hours per day to calculate your savings with solar)
Appliance Quantity Hrs/day
Average Watts
Daily energy
Contribution to
max. demand
(Max kVa)
Total daily
energy needs
Min Solar
(PV kW)
peak load
(Surge kVa)

*This calculator provides approximate results to be used as estimates only. Your actual solar requirements may vary.

+1 day of autonomy
+2 day of autonomy

Your energy potential:

Hyundai Energy
Solutions (390W)

Energy (3.3 LiFE)

Energy (4.0 ECO)

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We’re proud to be WA’s off-grid solar system experts.

Statewide Power have been delivering innovative solar system solutions for over 20 years. Our focus has always been on sourcing and delivering exceptional quality hardware, with bespoke system designs that are made specifically for WA’s unique conditions.

It’s all about helping your access a safer, more secure, more reliable power source. To free your home or business from the burden of an inconsistent power supply, and reduce your reliance on an ageing power grid. To take advantage of WA’s most abundant natural resource, and turn this into a source of power that sets you up for a bright future.

We’re committed to delivering high quality solutions that stand the test of the time. Our goal is to help residential and commercial clients see the true value that a solar system can provide, and helping to power the shift to off-grid solar system solutions.

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Get ready for the future. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on installing an off-grid solar system on your property.

Get a quote today

Get ready for the future. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on installing an off-grid solar system on your property.

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