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To ensure you get the best possible off-grid solution, we partner with the best solar system suppliers.

At Statewide Power, we work with high quality suppliers that we trust to deliver exceptional results. With a track record of innovation and longevity, we connect you with the right equipment and components that supports you in accessing a reliable source of power for the long term.

Born and raised in rural WA, we know the conditions that your solar power systems need to operate under—so we choose to partner with some of the top manufacturers in the industry. This ensures we have access to the latest and most innovative solar technology, and continue to offer you the best possible solutions for your off-grid power needs.

Our suppliers offer a wide range of products, including generators, inverters, energy storage solutions, enclosures, and more.  Every product we recommend comes tried and tested, and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure their products meet our high standards for quality, reliability, and performance, providing you with the best option for your unique situation.

Meet our supply partners.


Selectronic have been delivering energy solutions to Australian homes and businesses since 1964. With deep experience in off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid solar systems, Selectronic manufacture exceptional quality solar inverters that help create a more self-sufficient solution. Discover a range of multi-mode inverters that ensure you’re never without power, or grid-connected inverters that allow you to retain your connection and feed excess power back into the grid.

Selectronic’s goal is to offer you complete energy independence. Their approach to their componentry allows for complete flexibility in system design, which ensures you’re able to create a bespoke solution that meets your energy needs—now and for the future.


genZ batteries are proudly designed and engineered in Australia, for Australian conditions. Just like us, they understand what your property is facing—which is why we choose to partner with them. Built to optimise the reliability and longevity of your power supply, each one of their battery storage solutions is engineered to deliver peak performance.

Their space-efficient designs provide more efficient installation, and you can take advantage of increased charging cycles that provide a longer lifespan. Manufactured to give off zero emissions, and rated to 55°C operating temperature, their batteries are even recyclable at their end of life: it’s win-win-win.

Power Plus

Power Plus create efficient batteries that are suitable for residential, industrial, and commercial uses. Their range of solar battery storage solutions are designed to scale with your system’s performance. And with a 10-year warranty on selected products, you get peace of mind that you’re choosing a robust, long-lasting battery solution.

Power Plus also supply a range of Battery Energy Storage System integrated solutions and cabinets, designed for easy battery installation, delivering a total battery and solar solution that’s built to last.


Zenaji have years of experience developing and designing durable battery storage solutions. A team of innovators, they create batteries with improved temperature tolerance and higher energy efficiency, making them ideal for harsh WA conditions.

Their powerful systems have been developed to meet the growing demand for commercial to grid scale energy storage, with batteries that use 100% of their discharge capacity, helping you maximise the potential and power of your solar system.


AERL have been designing and manufacturing efficient and reliable solar solutions since 1985. They provide a range of solar charge controllers, designed for fast, efficient installation, empowering you to get your solar system up and running sooner.

They’re packed with smart features, like on-board earth fault detection to ensure more secure power, record-breaking conversion efficiencies, and intelligent thermal management. Made from robust materials and components, AERL create solar charge controllers built for long-term reliability, to support your off-grid journey.


Hyundai are a household name for a reason, and have built a legacy on delivering high quality consumer brands. And their solar panels are no exception. Made from robust, high-quality materials, each one of their solar panels are built stronger, and run through rigorous testing procedures to ensure they survive.

With tempered glass and a reinforced frame design, they’re made for tough WA conditions. And with a market-leading 25-year product warranty, you get peace of mind that their rugged solar panels and generators ensure your power stays on—no matter what.

Sumec Phono Solar

Sumec Phono Solar are a global leading manufacturer of high-performance solar panels. Their panels are engineered for extreme weather conditions, and built to withstand everything the WA climate can throw at them.

Each product goes through rigorous testing to ensure it’s capable of delivering long-term solar power for your property. Made from high quality materials, and with a 30-year performance warranty, this is longevity you can trust.


Yanmar have been delivering innovative power generation solutions since 1953. Experts in power generation, they create a range of generator models designed to any energy load, from residential homes to large-scale agricultural applications.

With precision-designed componentry and materials, Yanmar supply a range of generators that enable you to maximise the lifecycle of your solar energy system. Low maintenance, and extremely durable, their generators are made to stand the test of time, and give you peace of mind that your property will always have access to power.


Renowned for their high reliability and long service life, Kubota supply a range of diesel generators that ensure a stable, reliable power supply, no matter what. Made with user safety in mind, Kubota generators are carefully designed to be quieter to operate. Engineered to integrate seamlessly with your off-grid solar system, they’re ideal for a range of applications, from residential properties, to keeping entire farms and construction projects operational.

A lower emissions footprint and improved fuel economy ensure outstanding performance throughout their entire lifecycle, with the added bonus of improving your sustainability as you continue your off-grid journey.

Get a quote today

Get ready for the future. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on installing an off-grid solar system on your property.

Get a quote today

Get ready for the future. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on installing an off-grid solar system on your property.

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