About Us

We’re keeping the lights on even in remote areas of Western Australia with innovative off-grid solar systems

Statewide Power, based in WA’s South West, provides complete ready-built and custom off-grid power solutions to residential and commercial customers across the state.

We’ve got over 21 years experience designing and delivering stand-alone power systems at properties where people are actively looking to move off-grid by choice, or where a grid-connection is simply not economically feasible.

We specialise in:

  • Off-grid solar systems
  • Solar power systems
  • Solar battery storage

WA is known for its remoteness and extreme weather conditions. The existing power transmission grid needs upgrading and is reliant on coal and gas fired power stations, with many areas poorly serviced and many remote areas not serviced at all.

If you’re on the grid, you’re paying a premium for dirty energy. Solar power is a reliable, clean and efficient way to generate power for years to come – minus the environmental impact.

We help you go off-grid with a reliable power solution

We deliver ready-built and custom off-grid solar power packages and batteries that are able to withstand WA’s unique harsh conditions.

On top of an ageing, unreliable grid, WA power prices keep rising. Installing an off-grid solar power source and battery may seem expensive up front, but it quite literally pays for itself over the years as you no longer have to pay expensive rates for grid power.

Statewide Power helps you to reduce your reliance on traditional grid systems, delivering cost savings for the long term.

Our services cover off grid solar power solutions for:

  • Residential homes (even in metro areas)
  • Commercial enterprises
  • Government departments
  • Agriculture industry including farms and remote stations

As WA’s off-grid solar system expert, Statewide Power has a wide range of clients and bespoke installation jobs under our belt. Browse our case studies to see examples of how we have helped people and businesses go off the grid.

We use Australian Made Solar Components

Unlike the competition, Statewide Power uses Australian made solar components including batteries.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Quality: We use Australian made products from reputable suppliers to ensure we’re only installing the very best in your home or business.
  2. Longevity: We only use products with 10 year warranties and 20 year expected lifespans. We have seen battery inverters from Selectronic still performing with over 20 years of operation under the belt – they just work.
  3. Warranty: Australian owned companies are legally obligated to support their products with proper warranties, and have more accountability than overseas companies in the Australian market.

While some overseas products may be cheaper, we have often seen that buying cheap means buying twice. We like to keep it local to make sure you get the best products that are designed with our harsh climate, and have the support you need on the slim chance something is not performing as it should be.

Reputable brands, proven commercially viable technology, and comprehensive warranties: We take the quality and performance of your off grid solar system seriously.

Peace of mind for your power needs

Another benefit of going off the grid, whether you’re in a treechange, seachange, urban, or fully remote area, is that you will still have power if the grid fails.

During extreme weather events (storms, heatwaves, and nearby bushfires), or even just as part of maintenance efforts – the WA electricity transmission grid can go out without warning, which is not ideal for those depending on medical equipment, refrigeration, or specialised equipment for commercial purposes.

Even for comfortable work and living conditions, having a reliable power source is essential.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can design and deliver an off-grid solar system for your needs, call 08 9779 9568 or request a free quote, today.

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