How Much Does a 10kW Off-Grid Solar System Cost?

In short, you can expect to pay between $45,000 and $70,000 for a ready-built 10kW off-grid system.

Note: This pricing is a general guide and not intended as a firm price. Your 10kW off-grid solar system price may differ due to panel location, inverter size, battery quantity and generator brand.

A custom solution with a backup generator will cost more whereas a hybrid solar system will be cheaper.

Living off-grid in Western Australia requires a quality, stand-alone solar system suited to your property and energy usage.

An off-grid solar system can pay off in only a few years and gives you years – decades, even – of free, independent power from that point on.

Some may baulk at the upfront price tag. Think instead of the savings you will make over the lifetime of your system, rather than continually being charged for power from WA’s grid network.

Off-grid solar panels connected to a 10kW system in a paddock.

What do you need for a 10kW off-grid solar system in Western Australia?

When it comes to equipment for your stand-alone solar system, you should always prioritise quality over a lower price. You may save a few dollars with cheaper systems, but you will spend more down the road due to inferior performance.

For your stand-alone system you will need the following:

  • Solar panel array
  • Off-grid inverter
  • Lithium batteries / solar battery bank
  • A backup power generator

Excess solar power will go to the battery storage and help power you during ‘off’ times (like at night or on gloomy days).

Click the following link to learn more about our off-grid solar system range.

What are the cost savings of a 10kW off-grid solar energy system?

First off – if you are choosing between connecting your property to the grid or implementing an off-grid solar system instead, the cost of the solar set-up will likely be the cheaper option. The average cost to set up a grid connection can range anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 (or more).

Solar has a decent up-front cost as well, but it leads to savings in the long run. If you’re on the grid you must keep paying electricity bills forever (which are only increasing in cost as the years roll by).

Not only are most of our completely off-grid solar system installations cheaper than connecting to the grid… From our case studies, we have seen some clients save:

  • $4,000 annually on a 7.5kW continuous output(12kW surge)
  • $6,000 annually on a 15kW continuous output (24kW surge)
  • $15,000 annually on a 22.5kW continuous output (36kW surge)

There are many more examples from commercial clients with huge energy needs, as well as residential clients. Try our recent projects page for more information on the wide range of solar solutions Statewide can provide.

Ongoing maintenance costs of a 10kW off-grid solar system

If you buy quality Australian-made components from a trustworthy, local business (we might just know one you can enquire with…) you should have very minimal ongoing maintenance. Unless something is damaged or fails, your solar system should last for many years without issue.

If you need to upgrade your off-grid system later, you can. There are some costs associated with this. Upgrading your battery storage only is the cheapest and easiest option. If your generation becomes insufficient (not enough solar panels), or if your load changes (battery inverter), you will need a more involved upgrade.

We design and install the right system for you to make power one less thing for you to worry about.

“Jason and his team installed a full off-grid solar and battery system at my farm to power the house and shed. They only use the highest quality products with 10-year guarantee. They were punctual to the minute, happy to camp overnight and worked from dawn to dusk to complete the job in a neat and timely manner.” – David Muller, Bunbury

3 Key benefits of an off-grid solar power system

1. Environmentally friendly energy

With so many sunshine hours across the state, it’s common sense to make use of our best natural resource for energy production. Waste not, want not…

Solar systems generate clean energy, as opposed to the coal and fossil fuel projects powering WA’s grid currently. 

There are no emissions from solar power systems. With solar batteries, you can make excellent use of the sun, save on power bills, and do better for the planet. It’s time to use your geographic location to your advantage, to generate your own independent energy.

2. A better investment over time

As outlined earlier in this article, a solar power system is a better investment in the long term. Not only is it more reliable, but with the correct system size you could bank significant savings over time.

You will never get a return on your investment for connecting to the electricity grid.

With an off-grid solar system, you are getting a return on your investment every time you use it. It will literally pay itself off in savings from electricity bills. Once this has happened, you can redirect the funds you would have otherwise allocated for energy to more important matters.

You can also make some immediate installation savings with the WA solar rebate, which is due to stop in 2030.

3. Energy independence from WA’s ageing energy grid

Depending on the electricity network in many rural WA areas means accepting unreliable access to energy. Being connected to the grid can be risky for remote homes and businesses because if it goes down, so does the power in your house or store (or shed, or office, or orchard… the possibilities are endless).

Extreme weather events like heat waves, nearby bushfires, inclement weather, and even plain old maintenance could see you lose power for days at a time. Having an off-grid system provides the energy independence you need to thrive in WA’s more remote corners… and even in urban areas, where the electricity grid can struggle to keep up with demand in extreme weather.

While the Government aims to update the network, this will take a long time. You can stop relying on an outdated power system as soon as you like by installing your own solar power system.

Local Western Australia off-grid solar experts

Statewide Power has over 21 years of experience helping West Australians find the best off-grid power solutions for their needs. Based in WA’s South West, we provide turnkey, custom off grid power solutions.

Our experienced electrical contractors are off-grid solar systems experts. We partner exclusively with Australian brands to make sure your solar power system uses industry-leading technology with reliable, long warranties. Our products have minimum 10-year warranties and 20-year expected lifespans, with actual operational performance often in excess of 20 years.

Contact Statewide Power today to learn more about how we can design and deliver an off-grid solar system for your needs. Call 08 9779 9568 or request a free quote from our team.

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