LG Dealer

LG Dealer

Statewide Power are members of the LG Authorised Solar Dealer Network

LG Solar BunburyAs a solar installation partner, Statewide Power can provide free advice about solar, inspect your premises and provide expert installation services for solar systems and battery solutions.

LG panels, and especially the NeON range have specific technical advantages, which can result in better performance, and overall more electricity output by solar systems powered by our panels, compared with other standard panels.*

LG Solar panels have many advantages that help form one of the most robust and long-term solar energy solutions on the market. For example, LG’s bifacial solar panels are unique in that they can collect solar energy on both sides of the panel, producing up to 30% more power than single sided panels – just one of the ways to get more energy out of your solar investment.

*Backed by Choice magazine testing and other independent panel comparison test sites in Australia.

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