GK Fisher Farms go Off-Grid

GK Fisher Farms go Off-Grid

Service/product provided: LG Bifacial Off-Grid Solar System
Location:  Corrigin
Description:  Farming is a tough enough business without the added financial pressure of ever-increasing power bills. GK Fisher Farms in Corrigin had had enough of their profits being cropped and harvested by the power company. It was time to go off-grid.

LG Solar BunburyStatewide Power designed, supplied and installed a system that included 14kw of LG bifacial solar panels that deliver power to 2 x SMA inverter systems – plenty of power to keep the farm sheds and the farm house running all year round.

The latest solar technology from LG, bifacial solar panels are unique in that they can collect solar energy on both sides of the panel, producing up to 30% more power than ordinary solar panels.

Along with the LG solar panels and the SMA inverter systems, Statewide Power also supplied and installed 2 x 15.4 kw/h batteries to store plenty of power in order to maintain a consistent and reliable energy source 24/7.

The result? GK Fisher Farms are reaping a $4k/year saving in their energy cost.