Going completely off-grid can seem like a daunting prospect. However, Statewide Power have the knowledge and experience to take the worry out of your move to electrical independence.

Off Grid Batteries BunburyWe have a superb range of premium quality and efficient solar panels along with some of the best lithium-ion solar home batteries from LG Chem and BYD that can free you from those ever-increasing power bills.

LG Chem Batteries

The LG Solar Specialist, Statewide Power, can provide free advice on Residential and Commercial battery storage solutions or battery ready solar systems.

BYD Energy Storage

Relying on the advanced iron-phosphate battery technology, BYD can meet the requirements for energy storage, peak-load shifting and peak load/frequency regulation.

What does this mean for you? It means that you’ll always have a worry free, reliable and consistent energy supply. You’ll be free of the increasing financial demands of your energy company and you’ll have a solid, scalable system that you can depend on.

EVO PowerEVO Power – Energy Storage Systems

Engineered and manufactured in Australia, EVO Power designs, integrates, prototype tests, certifies and manufactures premium quality Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

With both on-grid and off-grid flexibility, EVO Power’s turnkey ESS solutions are available in both single phase as well as three phase options.

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