Off Grid Power Systems

Turnkey Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Off Grid Power systems, especially in remote regional areas, are becoming more popular as power prices continue to rise. Statewide Power has a wealth of experience installing the necessary inverters that are required for both Off Grid, On Grid and Hybrid solar power systems, throughout West Australia.

Reliable Battery Storage Solutions Off and On Grid Power.   A Battery Storage Solution is a perfect choice for anyone that is currently connected to the grid. The latest battery technology stores solar energy power during the day for use throughout the evenings and night. West Australia is fortunate to have a large number of sunshine days, making Off Grid power a viable and cost saving alternate. Statewide Power, your off-grid experts, provides turnkey energy solutions, whether you are looking for complete off grid battery storage, for both Residential, Commercial and Agricultural purposes.

Custom built systems: Statewide Power design and build off grid solar systems to suit your needs and budget. With both on-grid and off-grid flexibility, our turnkey ESS solutions are available in both single phase as well as three phase options.

Statewide Power provides State of the art, safe, reliable Battery Storage Solutions for both Off-Grid, On-grid and Hybrid solar power solutions, throughout entire West Australia. Check out some of our recent projects and case studies here

- Live free from from power blackouts.. and save money
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Benefits of Off grid solar power. Firstly, Downed power lines no longer pose a treat to your electricity supply. The recent Kalbarri cyclone and Victoria storm crises, has seen thousands of residents without power for up to a month, as service providers struggle to restore electricity to their properties. Secondly: Cost savings. After the system is paid off, you enjoy a free, secure power supply.

Off Grid Power Self Contained Solar Powersource

You can live free from the electricity grid and save money whilst doing so. Once your off grid system is paid off, no more power bills! Plus, you are free from power outages caused by inclement weather or any other cause!

Environmental benefits
Living free from the electricity network is good for the environment. We are all aware of the issues surrounding C02 emissions and climate change. Coal fired power plants contribute a lot of C02 going into our atmosphere.   Going off the grid helps reduce the environmental impact from these emissions and its effects on future generations.
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